AMD CEO to talk 'new high-performance computing and graphics solutions' at CES 2021

AMD CEO at CES 2018
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AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su will deliver a keynote speech at CES 2021. The tech show, held in Las Vegas every January, will be a digital-only event in 2021, but that won't stop AMD's Dr. Lisa Su from delivering a speech on "the future of research, education, work, entertainment and gaming, including new high-performance computing and graphics solutions."

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It's a little early to be thinking about next year's first major stop on the tech calendar, don't you think? I'm sure it has nothing to do with Nvidia's RTX 3080 review embargo breaking just moments ago. Either way, there's promising news for AMD fans and PC gamers at CES 2021, which will take place from January 11-14, 2021

AMD's keynote promises to include information on 'high-performance computing and graphics solutions'. And that's on top of the RDNA 2 and Zen 3 news we're set to hear next month during two planned live streams.

“AMD technology is at the heart of some of today’s most popular consumer products and services," Dr. Lisa Su says. "As we push the envelope on performance, we expand what is possible in personal computing, gaming and online services and experiences. I look forward to sharing exciting new technology developments at CES 2021, and what it will mean to the way we live, work, learn and play.”

For the first time ever, you'll also be able to join in on the event in real-time too. Whether that'll be among a virtual audience or Dr. Lisa Su's considerable collection of kitchen utensils, we don't yet know, but stay tuned for how to sign up for the event closer to the time.

AMD usually saves up some big announcement for every major event on the tech calendar, so you can be sure there'll be at least something in there for us lot to get excited about.

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