All the power of a top gaming laptop — minus the price tag

You may know Dell Alienware for its ability to push gaming limits by rigorously testing technology and partnering with forward-thinking companies like Valve and Oculus, to redefining the boundaries of our reality. In fact, Alienware were the first to implement lightning-fast NVIDIA graphics, to create mobile gaming machines that truly deliver.

Step forward the latest range of Inspiron laptops: totally stylish, packed with enthusiast components, all at a great price—and bound to shatter preconceived expectations of what Dell Gaming is all about.

Some would say this is a big step forward for the brand, the perfect solution for gamers looking for something they can travel, work and consume media with, but who lack the budget (or desire) for a more advanced enthusiast-focused Alienware system. If you’re looking to dip your toe into the PC gaming sphere, but don’t want to shatter your bank account, Dell’s Gaming Inspiron range ticks all the right boxes.

The range offers subtle design alongside gaming-centric core components. And while it’s just an inch thick, inside you’ll still find quad-core Intel Core i7 CPUs at a range of speeds, DDR4 RAM (which can be increased to 32GB), discrete Nvidia GTX graphics cards and a range of SSD options to suit your needs. Screens are all 1080p as standard, but the option is there to upgrade to 4K.

Even with these killer components, these laptops are available at prices that don’t stretch to the extreme. You’re free to enjoy high level gaming without having to restrict yourself to a purely gaming-focused machine. And while the insides might look enthusiast, Dell’s Gaming laptops are subtly designed with the kind of look that doesn’t shout “gamer!”

Yet these one-inch laptops are tailored to the demands of heavy use, with aggressive performance design alongside the top-performing parts. Incredible rear exit cooling vents work with large, dual cooling fans, so that heat is always removed efficiently and quietly—whether you’re gaming or not. Noise and heat are kept away from the user. 

Then there are the front-firing speakers and dedicated subwoofer—alongside Waves’ MaxxAudio Pro—offering incredible, immersive sound no matter what you’re using your laptop for.

You’re set for connectivity options: the Inspiron laptops all offer a range of ports—USB 3.0 comes as standard, as does an HDMI connection, allowing you to hook your machine up to even bigger screens for any home entertainment system requirements you might have.

Other features come in the shape of a full-size backlit keyboard, a massive service bay door, bright anti-glare display options, and IR camera functionality. A 74 watt-hour battery powers the hardware, ensuring you won’t run out of juice too soon.

Are you the sort of PC gamer who doesn’t have enough time (or money) to make gaming your sole pursuit? Dell Gaming and its Inspiron range are here to help: you can still be a gamer, you can still have a stylish laptop, and you can still have money leftover to do those other things in your life.