Here are the Spelunky 2 characters we've met so far

Spelunky 2 characters
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Ready to meet the lovable cast of Spelunky 2 characters? The adorable sequel is brimming with brand new friends that join its iconic staples. Hanging out with the characters you've unlocked back at the camp is a great way to get to know them, but it'll take you some time to discover everyone in Spelunky 2's mysterious worlds.

But that's not all when it comes to your various possible companions: It's now possible to randomise the pets you can save on each level. So, alongside dear old Monty the pug, you can carry Poochi the hamster, and Percy the cat all the way to the exit for an additional heart. Anyway, that's enough talk about these cuties, allow me to introduce you to the Spelunky 2 characters I've encountered so far.

(Image credit: Mossmouth, Blitworks)

All the Spelunky 2 characters we've met so far

Unlockable characters

Unlocking playable characters works in a similar way to the first game. If you spot a coffin with a skull painted on it while exploring a level, open it to rescue the character locked inside. Helping Hands may also burst out of these resting places, once you've unlocked the character on that level. Here are all the unlockable Spelunky 2 characters and where you can find them:

Ana Spelunky 

Unlocked by default

Ana has traveled all the way to the Moon to look for her parents. Her dad just so happens to be Spelunky from the first game, so she's confident navigating strange zones filled with dangerous creatures.  

Margaret Tunnel 

Unlocked by default

Margaret is keen to build her own pirate ship, one day. Until then, she's happy exploring what the levels below the Moon's surface have to offer. She's ditched her purple outfit for a pink one in Spelunky 2.

Colin Northward

Unlocked by default

Lured into the caves by the promise of finding Olmec, Colin Northward is a curious fellow. His aqua suit makes him hard to miss. You may remember him from the first game—his beard and hat have always reminded me of Van Pelt from the original Jumanji movie.

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Roffy D. Sloth

Unlocked by default

You cannot play Spelunky without crossing paths with a sloth. Roffy is supposedly a quiet character. I'm just jealous of his awesome jacket and quiff.   

Alto Singh

Location: The Dwelling

Alto is back. His journal entry mentions that he works in physical education, handy for Spelunky 2's difficult jumps and climbable ropes.  

Liz Mutton

Location: Jungle

Liz returns, looking stylish as ever in her green outfit and bow. She's well-prepared to trek through the wilds of Spelunky 2's perilous levels.  

Nekka the Eagle

Location: Black Market (secret area in Jungle)

Nekka the Eagle has one goal: Confront the gods and question them about all the problems in the universe.

LISE Project

Location: Volcana

You'll bump into robot enemies in Volcana, but you can trust LISE Project's friendly smile. She was designed to explore and collect data and will reportedly reunite with her creators in 1000 years time. That's one long shift.

Coco Von Diamonds

Location: Vlad's Castle 

A fashion icon and entrepreneur that's managed to build a successful lifestyle and fashion brand. She's chosen the depths of the castle as her vacation spot.

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Manfred Tunnel

Location: Olmec's Lair, Ankh Room

Manfred is keen to begin spelunking after spending years building shortcuts.

Little Jay

Location: Tide Pool

A huge fan of Spelunky, Little Jay has aspirations of becoming an explorer.

Tina Flan

Location: Abzu

Her greatest achievement was throwing an eggplant at King Yama.

Valerie Crump

Location: Temple

Valerie loves music. It's a good job that she has her headphones with her for these long journeys.


Location: City of Gold

A golden monk. Au just wants a peaceful life.

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Demi Von Diamonds

Location: Yeti Cave

This heiress is very familiar. Originally the damsel from Spelunky, Demi Von Diamonds has returned to the caves once again.


Location: Mothership

He's traveled from far away and loves talking about UFOs.

Princess Airyn

Location: Neo-Babylon

An expert in the culinary arts, Princess Airyn is searching for new tastes to take back to her home, Heliotropia.

Dirk Yamaoka

Location: Sunken City

His journal entry boasts his skills as a master ninja. 

Guy Spelunky 

Unlocked by completing the game (normal ending). 

He may have aged—and grown a beard—but you can recognise him a mile away. After dedicating his time to treasure hunting, he now has a family.

Classic Guy

Unlocked by completing the game (via the Sunken City).

Guy Spelunky in a retro style.


Spend some time exploring each level to meet these NPCs. There are lots of new characters to meet, and some of them may reward you for helping them.

  • Terra Tunnel: In charge of building shortcuts. She'll ask you for supplies. 
  • Hired Hand: Trapped in the caves. Often a nuisance, but occasionally helpful.
  • Shopkeeper: Save up your gold and spend it in his shop. Shoplift at your own risk. 
  • Tun: Part with $10,000 to try her Moon challenge, or catch up with her later to attempt the Stars and Sun challenges. You may uncover some interesting items. 
  • Yang: Found near the Turkey pen. Return all the turkeys to the pen and receive a key as a reward. 
  • Caveman Shopkeeper: An entrepreneur at heart. 
  • Madame Tusk: A glamorous walrus that you can meet in some shops.
  • Tusk's Bodyguard: Don't mess with Madame Tusk, unless you want to answer to her faithful Bodyguard.
  • Waddler: Transports items between worlds.
  • Parsley: The youngest of three sisters—found through a doorway on the Jungle level.
  • Parsnip: The middle child of three sisters.
  • Parmesan: The eldest of three sisters.
  • Beg: He may give you a gift. Beg is also Tun's brother.


There are three pets in Spelunky 2, but you can set these to random in the menu if you'd prefer to see a different pet on each level:

  • Monty: A sweet pug adopted by Tina Flan. The perfect companion. 
  • Percy: A small cat discovered aboard Margaret Tunnel's ship.
  • Poochi: A little hamster who travelled to the Moon with Colin Northward. Naturally, she escaped.
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