Alien: Isolation studio's Franco Jam returns this weekend

The Creative Assembly's third annual Franco Jam is set to run this weekend—a 48 hour game jam in memory of the late Simon Franco who sadly passed away in 2014. Franco worked at the studio for 10 years as a programmer on a number of Total War games, and as a senior programmer on the esteemed horror survival game Alien: Isolation

"Creative Assembly’s annual charity Game Jam, ‘Franco Jam’, in honour of the UK games studios Senior Programmer, Simon Franco, is now in its third year," reads a blurb on the Creative Assembly site. "The weekend-long in-house Game Jam is set to kick off on the 11th November 2016 at 5pm, to once again celebrate the memory of Simon, and to raise funds for a charity of his family’s choosing. 

"This year, all funds raised are donated to Team Verrico, a UK charity who fund treatment, diagnosis and support for those suffering from rare and hard to treat cancers."

While the Creative Assembly team are hard at work crafting games, those interested can tune in via the Total War Twitch channel where half-hourly game giveaways and back to back streams of the studio's favourite games will take place. Here's some of what CA has planned:

  • Game code giveaways every half hour, from indie to AAA titles on PC, Xbox and PS4.
  • In-game incentives, including the chance to watch the CA team in a blindfolded Alien: Isolation run!
  • Back to back gameplay from our team’s personal archives of favourite titles.
  • Regular updates on Creative Assembly’s internal game jam; Franco Jam.

The Franco Jam kicks off at 5pm GMT/9am PT tomorrow,  November 11. If you'd like to donate, you can do so via the jam's Just Giving page.