Alien is coming to Dead by Daylight and fans are absolutely screaming in space and everywhere else

Just a few weeks after adding legendary actor Nicolas Cage to its lineup, the multiplayer survival horror game Dead by Daylight has revealed that an even bigger name in horror is on the way: The Alien.

My favorite Alien movie is actually Aliens, which is really an action flick at heart, but the sticky, hissing xenomorph is 100% a horror film icon. It is, after all, the creature that gave us this infamous test audience image.

This is far from the first time that Dead by Daylight will cross over with a famous horror series. It's previously hooked up with horror properties including Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Saw, Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, Silent Hill, Stranger Things, Resident Evil, and Hellraiser. 

But even amidst that esteemed company, Alien is a huge get: So many of those older horror film "classics" seem tame these days, and a few have veered into self-parody, but Alien remains terrifying.

That's reflected in the fact that even though this is the barest of teases, Dead by Daylight fans are going absolutely bonkers. A few choice reactions from Reddit:

  • "In space no one can hear us cream."Acanadianeh
  • "My mom wished I was in space right now because I'M SCREAMING."DoverBeach02
  • "Calling my doctor because this bad boy is definitely gonna last longer than 4 hours."In_My_Own_Image
  • "Dbd community is about to have a meltdown."Rottengutcut

There are of course numerous variations of OMG, "holy shit," "It's happening," and similar reactions, some predictable and others I really can't repeat here. Suffice it to say that the excitement is running high.

(Image credit: Nathan_McHallam (Reddit))

So is the speculation. The Dead by Daylight 2023 roadmap indicates that August will include a new killer and a new survivor, leading some to predict that Ripley is also on the way. That hope is reinforced by the presence of Jonesy, Ripley's cat, in the teaser. It's not a prominent placement, but it's hard to overlook—the sort of thing developers might do when they want to be sly, but not so sly that their point is missed.

For now, unfortunately, this is all that we've got, but Behavior Interactive said more will be revealed on August 8. We'll keep you posted.

Andy Chalk

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