Alan Wake devs "delighted" with PC sales

Alan Wake PC

As a PC port, Alan Wake was long-delayed, then cancelled . Then uncancelled . Now it's out. And developers Remedy Entertainment couldn't be happier.

“Alan Wake on the PC has been something both us and the fans have wanted since the original Alan Wake was released” says Aki Jarvilehto, executive VP at Remedy. “It's been such a long journey and now that the game is finally out, it's very emotional to see such a positive fan reaction to it. We hold PC games very dear to our hearts at Remedy, so in a lot of ways, this feels like finding a lost child, you get to reconnect with something you love and cherish and want to spend more time with it in the future.”

That's quite the dramatic simile , Aki. But hmm... delighted ? Looking at Steam stats (at 11:15 AM PST, actually a fairly-populated time on Steam—although not necessarily when people are playing Alan Wake), the current daily peak for concurrent players of the game is just 2,012; comparable to the same stat for Deus Ex: HR, Dead Island, and Portal 2.

I guess that's good, right? According to Joystiq , it took just two days for Remedy to recoup its development and marketing costs for the port.

Evan Lahti
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