Alan Wake 2 shotgun code: Where to find the numbers

Alan Wake 2 shotgun code - Saga is standing on the lake shore holding a shotgun
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Figuring out the shotgun code in Alan Wake 2 might leave you stumped. Like the original game, there are plenty of puzzles to solve in the long-awaited sequel, and one of the first you'll find is the shotgun inside a case on the wall of the General Store. In true survival horror fashion, it's locked fast with a combination padlock and you'll need to find the correct numbers if you want to add it to your arsenal.

The code isn't too tricky to work out, but it did leave me stumped for a few minutes, wondering if I'd need to dust off my long-neglected math skills—thankfully it didn't go that far. Here's where to find the correct shotgun combination code in Alan Wake 2.  

Alan Wake 2 shotgun code: Where to find the numbers

The first time you go back to Cauldron Lake, you'll discover that you need to visit the General Store to retrieve something from the freezer there. The shotgun is locked inside a glass-fronted case on the wall on the opposite side of the room. Examine it and you'll see that you need to find the right combination to open the padlock. There's a post-it note next to it with a clue. It reads:

Check with Lady Fortuna at the counter.

Head over to the counter of the store to find another clue next to the cash register. The note here has four numbers crossed out and it looks like the combination has been updated since, so you need to figure out the sequence. This is where I thought math might play a part but the answer is actually much simpler than that.

Look at the lotto ticket to the right of the note and you'll see that the numbers match the ones that have already been used, in order—they've just had a "7" put in front of them. The next number on the lotto ticket is 39, so the shotgun code is 739.

Return to the case and input the code into the padlock and you'll receive the shotgun for your troubles. I would congratulate you but getting a high-powered weapon in a survival horror game is generally never a good sign. So, uh, good luck?

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