AirMech looks ace. And you can play it in your browser right now

Airmech thumbnail

As highlighted by TIGsource , AirMech is a pot pourris of vehicles and bullet hell and tactics and transformers and competitive multiplayer... man... AirMech looks awesome! And you can play it in your browser right now! I was doing it just five minutes ago!

Click through for a gameplay video and details of how to sign up for this upcoming indie.

To sign up for the alpha, just follow the instructions on the official forums , then log into Chrome and click here . There must be some kind of black magic going on behind the scenes for this to work but if the result of black magic is some high quality gaming from within my browser for free, I'm going 100% Robert Johnson. Here's hoping Carbon Games treat free-to-play sensibly once the mechanics get implemented. They reference League of Legends on the official website so we're feeling optimistic.

AirMech is getting developed by Carbon Games , a studio made up of some ex-Titan Studio's members. They're the team responsible for the exceptionally pretty, but slightly convoluted, Fat Princess on PS3. That played like CTF, only with princesses who ate cake instead of flags.

Robots are better than princesses. And bullets are better than cake. We have high hopes for AirMech.