Aion Patch 2.7 Arena Combat Guide

Arena of Discipline – Collapsed Wind Tower

Basic Info

- Open flight battlezone.

- Lava eruptions will frequently burst into the air, causing damage.


- Blessed Artifact (100 points) will appear randomly at either the top or the bottom of the map.


- At regular intervals, lava will erupt from the bottom of the map, knocking you down and dealing a moderate amount of damage if you are in the blast area.

GameGuide Tip: In addition to the damage taken, the lava burst will often times cause you to become stumbled. Some classes can even use this as a guaranteed way to trigger their powerful Remove Shock chain abilities.

Not only is it dangerous to land in the lava, but it will periodically erupt into the air, causing damage to all players around the blast.

Lava baths are not relaxing.