Aion Patch 2.7 Arena Combat Guide

Arena of Discipline – Red Sand Arena

Basic Info

- The smallest arena.

- There is a monster that will attack players as they battle.

- You will receive bonus points for defeating the monsters.


- One of two types of monsters will periodically spawn.

- Red Sand Brax (100 pts): Periodically uses a Wide Area Stun ability. You cannot use Remove Shock to break free from this stun.

- Red Sand Tog (100 pts): Uses Bleeding and Silence skills and can detect advanced stealth.

Tog Manger (0 pts): Spawns with the Red Sand Tog. If you destroy the Manger, the Tog will momentarily stop attacking.


- The arena slopes down as you reach the center. If jumping from the outer part of the arena, you can glide to close the distance or for quick escapes.

GameGuide Tip: Red Sand Tog's Bark is a 16m AoE that silences and binds. Use the slopes to glide out of its radius if you're too close when he begins to cast!

Red Sand Arena is the smallest of the Coliseum battle zones.

Either a Brax or a Tog will spawn periodically. Each are worth points and have their own ways to disrupt the fight.