Aion Patch 2.7 Arena Combat Guide

Aion players are anxiously awaiting the launch of patch 2.7 on October 19th, with its 48-man raid and and addition of the Arenas of Discipline to the Crucible Coliseum. These 1v1 arena battles are sure to be a draw for players looking to show off their leet skills, and with NCsoft's help, we've got some guides to help you out.

The Arena of Discipline, part of the Crucible Coliseum, is a 1 on 1 duel between two players.

Just like the Arena of Chaos, you will need an Arena Ticket in order to enter the competitive version of the instance and earn any reward. Be aware that each of the competitive versions of these instances consumes 1 Arena Ticket, so you will have to choose where you wish to use your one daily entry. You will, however, be able to enter the training version of the arena at any time and as often as you like.

You may only enter the competitive version of the Arena of Discipline at certain times, however the Training version is always open.


Why should I choose this Arena over the Free-For-All?

The Arena of Discipline will only ever house 1v1 PvP matchups. If you are confident in your one on one capability and would rather not have to focus on the chaotic atmosphere that a 10 person free for all naturally brings, the Arena of Discipline may be for you. You are encouraged to test out each of the Arena's training versions before spending your precious Arena Tickets.

How many locations are there?

The Arena of Discipline features 4 different battle locations that cycle in a random order. Each battle will take you to 3 of these locations, but you will never fight in the same area twice in one battle. Each area offers its own dangers and tactical advantages, so take some time in training to get acquainted with each location to gauge your strengths and weaknesses.

Are there objects to interact with like in the Arena of Chaos?

There are no weapons to enter such as Chaos' cannon, but you will still find treasure boxes and other objects that provide benefit. Since the Arena of Discipline is a 1v1 PvP arena, it is impossible to take an object without your opponent knowing. Thus, you will need to neutralize or otherwise distract your enemy. Consumables obtained from Treasure Boxes can only be used during the match and will disappear from your inventory once you exit.

Do I get extra points for killing the person in first place?

Yes! Once Round 3 begins, a visual marker will be placed over the player currently in the lead. Defeating this player means double the normal points earned, so be sure to throw everything you can at your opponent in the last round. Remember, you only get double points during round 3!

How do I earn points in the Arena of Discipline?

1. Defeating the other player earns you 200 points.

2. If you die, you will lose 100 points.

3. If you kill the first place player in round 3, then you will earn double the points (400).

4. If a player earns 14,400 points, then regardless of how much time is left, the match is over.

5. If you forfeit a match, you will earn no rewards. Your portion of the reward will be given out to the remaining player(s).

What rewards can I expect from the Arena of Discipline?

Participating in the competitive version of the Arena of Discipline offers similar rewards to the Arena of Chaos. You will earn Abyss Points, Crucible Insignias, and Courage Insignias based on your performance during the battle. Players can expect to earn anywhere from 25-75 Courage Insignias during this competition. Playing the Training version of this instance only offers fun and training as a reward, but you may participate as often as you like!