Aion Patch 2.7 Arena Combat Guide

Arena of Discipline – The Plaza of Struggle

Basic Info

- 2 stories with 4 different staircases. These make for excellent glide points.

- Controlling the center object is important for points and recovery.


- An interactive object worth 200 points will appear in the middle of the Plaza. If you are able to grab it, you will also gain a temporary recovery effect.


- 2nd floor of the North side: A narrow and walled corridor for protection, escapes, and disorientation.

- South of the 2nd floor: A wide open ledge where ranged attackers can freely fire upon their enemy below.

GameGuide Tip: The second level of this arena is excellent for ranged classes to gain an edge over their opponent. Likewise, melee classes can use line of sight to make their ranged attackers come to them!

[2nd Floor, North Side] The narrow passage is blocked by stone walls. There is an opening in the wall in the middle that makes for an excellent glide point.

[2nd Floor, South Side] This side of the upper level is completely open. While also vulnerable to ranged attacks from the ground, a ranged attacker can use this area to their definitive advantage.

The battle for bonus points is sure to be fierce! Make sure you have a strategy.

In addition to bonus points, you will also recover some HP!