Agents of Mayhem trailer showcases the Bombshells

A new Agents of Mayhem trailer introduces the Bombshells, a trio of agents—Joule, Rama, and Red Card—described as "the most volatile" members of the corporate law enforcement outfit know as MAYHEM. 

The trailer doesn't dig deep into the characters' back stories, but Joule is an engineer with a taste for the high life and selfies, while Rama is "the world's foremost immunologist" who also happens to be pretty handy with what appears to be a laser-powered sniper-bow. Despite the "Bombshells" moniker, the third member of the group, Red Card, is actually a dude—specifically a "football-obsessed psychopath" who seems to enjoy hitting things more than shooting them. 

The Bombshells are called into action "when circumstances are most dire," according to the trailer, and in fact Wes cited Red Card as his favorite agent in his April preview of the game. Sadly, it wasn't enough to send him away with a completely favorable opinion, but hopefully the final game will do a better job of hitting the mark. Agents of Mayhem is set to come out on August 15.

Andy Chalk

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