Agent 47 puts a pumpkin on his head to tease Hitman 2's Halloween horrors

Hitman 2's Halloween Escalation Contract is set to go live tomorrow, and developer IO Interactive still hasn't said what exactly it's all about. But today it dropped a new trailer that leans very heavily into classic horror movie themes, with Agent 47 taking the role of the implacable, inhuman masked killer who's come seeking revenge! For... something.

It might be a bit odd, but I'd say that 47's Headless Hitman getup is the most normal thing about this video. Avoiding detection by wearing the stupidest outfit possible is his signature move, after all. But I feel like this goes beyond the usual costume-wearing nonsense that he employs in his day-to-day business, especially since the video portrays Hawke's Bay, the isolated New Zealand beach house from Hitman 2's tutorial level. It wouldn't be the first return to that locale—he offed a corrupt politician there earlier this year—but it sure looks like it could be the weirdest.

The Hitman Halloween event is available through the free Hitman 2 Starter Pack, so you can take part in the festivities even if you don't own the game. The contract goes live on October 22, and will be a permanent addition to the game.

Andy Chalk

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