Agent 47 aims to keelhaul some pirates in Hitman 3's next free location

Hitman 3 is getting another new location later this month that will be free for all players. Called Ambrose Island, the new locale is a hidden cove in the Andaman Sea that serves as a hideout for a dangerous band of pirates.

Ambrose Island is a "fully explorable sandbox" filled with new challenges, targets, and unlockable rewards. As the inestimable Agent 47, you'll travel there to help an old friend rectify a mistake. What mistake, you ask? For now, that remains a closely guarded secret, but I suspect "being on Ambrose Island" might be a big part of it.

The July update also brings the Himmapan Hotel in Bangkok back into the free location rotation, meaning that it's free to everyone—Hitman 3 owners and free starter pack players alike—until July 17. Vicente Murillo, also known as "The Revolutionary," is also back as the next Elusive Target: You've got until July 18 to put three in his head or lose him forever. (Or at least until the next time he returns in the Elusive Target role.)

Another Elusive Target will appear on July 15: Wen Ts'ai, "The Food Critic," who unfortunately is traveling with a full security detail. New Elusive Target Arcades are also on the way, with the sleek Iridescent Katana on offer for players who can complete any of the target batches. 

Ambrose Island is scheduled to go live on July 26. A game update will be released alongside the new location that promises to address "community reported issues" and will also feature some quality-of-life changes. Full patch notes will be released when the update goes live—more information on Ambrose Island itself will be revealed "closer to release."

"Keelhaul"—it's a good word, isn't it?

Andy Chalk

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