Afterparty, the next game from Oxenfree's developers, will be out in October

(Image credit: Night School)

The next game from Night School Studio, the developer of creepy adventure game Oxenfree, looks just as spooky as that game, but possibly funnier. The narrative-heavy adventure is about two best friends waking up in Nowhere, the outer ring of Hell, and drinking their way out. 

Best friends Milo and Lola will try different drinks with buffs that lead to different dialogue options. Their choices will affect those around them as well, and the islands of Hell might be forever changed by their antics.

Afterparty will feature an "intelligent conversation system that changes the story and your relationships based on every decision," its Epic Store page says. "Uncover their personality quirks and foggy history during the wild events of the night." Given the heavy dialogue focus of Night School's previous game Oxenfree, it will be interesting to see what they achieve this time around, and how well our choices are really reflected in Hell.

If you missed it before, above is the seven minutes of Afterparty's gameplay from E3 2019. Milo and Lola come to the unfortunate realization that they are, in fact, dead. After which they promptly find the nearest bar for some beer pong.

Afterparty now has an appropriately spooky, Halloween-week release date of October 29. It'll release on the Epic Games Store initially.

Correction: Afterparty will release on the Epic Games Store for PC first, not Steam as originally written this story.

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