Acer's Nitro monitor with a 144Hz IPS screen is just $250 right now

A few gaming monitors with TN display panels have gone on sale recently, but if you want something with a higher-end IPS panel, you're in luck. An Acer Nitro monitor with FreeSync 144Hz support and an IPS screen has dropped to $249.99 on Amazon, a $50 reduction from the original MSRP.

This model (VG271) is a 27-inch monitor, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz (using FreeSync), built-in speakers, and a high-quality IPS panel for great colors and viewing angles. For input, you get one DisplayPort and two HDMI 2.0.

It's worth noting that this display isn't on the list of G-Sync compatible monitors (opens in new tab), and user reports claim it has issues with full-screen games when G-Sync is forced on. As such, the Acer Nitro is probably only a good purchase if you have an AMD graphics card.

Acer Nitro VG271 Monitor | $249.99 ($50 off) (opens in new tab)

Acer Nitro VG271 Monitor | $249.99 ($50 off) (opens in new tab)
This FreeSync 144Hz monitor is a great option for the price, but it doesn't play well with Nvidia graphics cards. Buy at Amazon (opens in new tab) (Posted: 6/17)

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