Where to find every outfit in Assassin's Creed Mirage

Basim stands with his initiate outfit on
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There are several cool outfits—think armour—to find in Assassin's Creed Mirage that come with their own bonuses, and if you want to upgrade each outfit to improve those perks, you can do that too. You can change your outfit at any time during gameplay which means you can switch to one with perks better suited to whatever activity you're doing—like trying to be ultra stealthy when pickpocketing. These outfits are often hidden in heavily guarded locations, so here's where to find them all. 

Assassin's Creed Mirage: all outfit locations 

Milad's Outfit (Isu gear)

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This outfit can be found by collecting Mysterious Shards and speaking with Nehal, who'll task you with finding an oasis to the north of the ‘Aqarquf Dunes. You'll need to find five shards to unlock the outfit, and it is already fully upgraded. Its perk is that successful air assassinations will set off a flash of lightning that disorients bystanders in a 15-metre radius.  

Initiate of Alamut

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You'll get this outfit when Basim becomes an initiate, and it is one of the best outfits in the game if you want to be a truly stealthy killer. Each of its upgrades reduces the noise emitted by Basim during assassinations, which is ideal if you want to go down the assassin skill branch and easily take out enemies.

Upgrade Schematics: Kill Al Ghul "The Slaver" and then reach Assassin rank by killing the fourth member of the Order. 

Zanj Uprising

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The Zanj Uprising outfit is essential if you want to reduce the impact of illegal actions on your Notoriety, which you'll gain by pickpocketing and killing while being spotted. To get it, you're going to need to solve a little puzzle of sorts. 

Head to the Upper Harbour of Harbiyah and board the ship. Go to the galley and push the first block in front of you forward, revealing a space you can climb through. From that point, go to the right of where you were standing and push the block as far forward as you can reach, then spin about and head back towards the way you came and take two rights until you see a block you can push forward. Turn around and with the pile of sacks to your right, pull this block as far as you can towards you. Now head to the lattice wall and go around to the right to pull the block towards you.

Upgrade schematics:

  • Prince’s Palace: head inside the main building, and once you reach the back of the domed building, you'll find a chest at the end of a corridor.
  • Khurasan Gate Guardhouse: climb to the top of the gate, and you’ll find a chest under the red canopy. Move the shelf blocking the entrance, then throw a dagger at the pot blocking the shelf to the right. Push that block, break the pots on your left, and you can reach the chest. 

Abbasid Knight

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The Abbasid Knight outfit is essential for anyone who is rubbish at parrying and dodging—basically, me. Each rank increases his health generation by 1%, 2% and 3% respectively every two seconds while hidden, up to 50% of his health, which means you'll hopefully have to use fewer potions. 

To get this outfit, you'll need to go to the Tax Collector's Mansion in Karkh. Go around the western side of the compound and you can either pickpocket or kill the guard to get his key. Use it on the door to the south of the compound and behind it you'll find the chest.

Upgrade schematics:

  • Monastery of the Virgins: in the building to the north, move the bookshelf to reveal a hidden doorway and the schematic. 
  • Officer’s Club: Toward the southeast of the area, you'll find the schematic guarded by two enemies standing in front. 

Hidden One

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This outfit comes with upgrades that fill your focus bar by an additional 5%, 10% and 15% when performing stealth kills—again if you're going for an assassin-heavy build, this is the outfit for you. You can find it a room in Shurta Headquarters in the Round City. Once you get to the main rooftop, take out all the guards and the bigger enemy blocking the chest.

Upgrade schematics:

  • Mazalim Courts: break the window in the main tower using a throwing knife, then climb through and drop down to reach the chest. 
  • Al-Jahiz’s House: there's a breakable floor you'll need to crack to get this chest. Pick up the explosive red pot next to the locked door and carry it to the two moveable shelves on the northern side of the roof. Move the right-hand shelf as far to the right as you can then pick up the pot and hoist yourself up to the balcony above from the shelf. Turn left and walk across the rope, throw the pot at the damaged floor then you can get to the chest. 


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This outfit can be acquired by completing contracts from the Hidden Ones Bureau. It comes with a similar perk to the Initiate outfit, the difference being enemies hear 50%, 75% and 100% less noise when Basim is moving as opposed to assassinating. 

Upgrade schematics: Finish The Traitor and Orion's Belt missions 

Sand Outfit (Deluxe ed extra)

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This outfit is Prince of Persia inspired and is part of the deluxe edition or AC Mirage DLC bundle. Apart from looking quite different from the rest, its perk allows Basim to survive a lethal hit and slow time down by three, four and five seconds respectively once during a conflict. It's already fully upgraded, which is handy.

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