Tangiers gets new details along with Kickstarter


I've seen a lot of stealth games during my time on Earth, but nothing has looked quite as striking as Tangiers, a “dark 20 th- century avant-garde stealth game” where words are your weapons and shadows are your protection. We caught a glimpse of the surrealist, open world game a couple months ago, but Tangiers' new Kickstarter page has illuminated some additional details for us to examine.

The developer, Analusian, describes Tangiers as a mix of Thief's sandbox stealth with the artistic elements of Voltaire and David Lynch. The world breaks down and reorganizes into something different the more you interact with it. The laws of physics our world follows have no place in Tangiers, though we're not sure how that will affect gameplay specifically.

Analusian also touts having a difficulty system that changes depending on how well you're progressing through the game, but didn't say how the difficulty would change. It could mean more attentive enemies, or complex puzzles. Or, it's something a little more abstract than that. Who knows?

The developer's asking for £35,000 (about $54,000), which it says is the absolute minimum it needs get by. The team's wisely avoiding stretch goals at the moment, saying it'll worry about that once they know the base game has been funded.

Details about Tangiers are still a little opaque, but Analusian said it'll have more to say in the coming months. Until then, let's just decipher what kind of apple makes up that person's head. I'm going with fuji.