A speedy Netgear router has been given a steep price drop

A good router is an often overlooked part of your home gaming setup. If you're looking for a boost in speed and bandwidth, then you might want to try the Netgear R8000 Nighthawk X6. It's just received a big price drop on Amazon, and you can find it for £115

It's a tri-band AC3200 router, delivering plenty of speed to plenty of devices on your network with its six antennas. It's also got a dual core 1 GHz processor with three offload processors which handles the connections for every device. The Nighthawk X6 also has beamforming, which focuses the signal towards the client rather than transmitting in all directions. Plus, it has the essential quality of service feature which prioritizes your gaming traffic. 

The price of the router has been decreasing ever so slightly over the past year, however £115 is a sharp drop, and the cheapest it's ever been. If you're looking for some alternatives, take a peek at our guide to the best gaming routers

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