A new Overwatch comic delves into the early days of Blackwatch

Blackwatch was a small, secret sub-unit of Overwatch, headed up by Gabriel "Reaper" Reyes, that did the dirty work the front-facing organization could not. Overwatch played by the book; Blackwatch played it by ear. It's the sort of arrangement that inevitably goes bad sooner or later, and also the subject of the new Overwatch comic, a retelling of the Oslo Incident called Retribution.

McCree is the star of the show this time around, while Moira and Genji make cameo appearances. But it's Reyes and Overwatch commander Jack Morrison, known these days as Soldier: 76, who carry the show: Reyes wants revenge for the attack on the Blackwatch facility, but Morrison is deeply reluctant. He eventually gives his tacit approval, but clearly recognizes that compromising his morality means compromising Overwatch. 

The comic ties in with an "archive" of news posted yesterday about the Oslo Incident, in which Morrison told reporters that an investigation into the attack had begun, but that it was too early to identify any suspects. And that takes us back to an Overwatch developer update video from earlier this week, in which Jeff Kaplan revealed that last year's Uprising event will be renamed to Overwatch Archives for this year, and hinted (as we already suspected) that it could include a new PvE mission taken from Overwatch's history.

Is a new mission drawn from Overwatch's deep, dark past in the offing? Hey, I'm not saying we're going to Italy—but we're going to Italy.

Andy Chalk

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