Blizzard teases big changes coming to the Overwatch Uprising event

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan and lead engineer Tim Ford revealed in a "super-special" Overwatch developer update video that, as we kind of expected, there will be more to this year's Uprising event than just the return of the Uprising brawl. In fact, Blizzard is changing the name of the event to "Overwatch Archives," to reflect its broader focus on the organization's past adventures.   

"Some of you who paid really close attention last year to the loot box, you'll notice that it used to say 'Archives' on that loot box," he says in the video. "The idea there is that there are all of these cool past moments in Overwatch history. By going into the archives, we can relive those, and Uprising was just one of those events." 

That means more content and more "parts of the event," which unfortunately won't be revealed until later. Kaplan did allow that the loot boxes in this event will contain all of the content from the old Uprising event, plus new stuff, including—subtle hint here—"a skin for your favorite Shimada brother." 

Blizzard will reveal more about what's coming over the balance of the week, including a "very special day" on Wednesday during the Overwatch League broadcast, which will include a new video. We'll keep you posted. 

Andy Chalk

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