A new God's Trigger trailer showcases devilish special abilities

We got our first look at God's Trigger in 2017, when Joe described it as "a lightning fast co-op brawler in the style of Hotline Miami." It lacks the neon lighting and groovy soundtrack of that game, but goes all in on the high-speed, top-down, blood-soaked violence—and as the new trailer illustrates, a number of special abilities that open the door to a whole different level of slaughter. 

You've got Time Bubble, which enables Max Payne-style slo-mo gunplay, and Dark Vortex, a sort of miniature black hole that "brings people together," which is to say crushes them into an infinitely elongate (and, I would think, infinitely painful) chuck of cosmic spaghetti. Invisibility is self-explanatory, while Wall of Fire throws up a wall of literal hellfire that turns your bullets into rockets when you fire through it. Handy stuff. 

The full game will feature 14 different abilities: Seven each for Harry, a fallen angel, and Judy, a demon, who have teamed up to murder their way into Heaven in order to stop the Apocalypse. It can be played solo but "deadlier and more explosive combos" are possible when the two characters work together in all-out co-op blasphemurder.

God's Trigger is scheduled for launch on April 18, and it will be available on Steam. There's also a website to dive into at godstriggergame.com

Andy Chalk

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