60-inch 4K LED TV down to £799 at John Lewis


4K televisions are becoming more and more prevalent, but with all those extra pixels and fancy technologies to make your picture look nicer, they tend to be very expensive. Thankfully we're beginning to see them drop in price slightly, and there are more and more deals surfacing. You can grab yourself an LG 60-inch 4K TV at John Lewis for £799 until the end of the month. This is actually the same price as on Amazon, but at John Lewis you'll also get a very handy 5 year guarantee. 

Most of us will be sticking to gaming monitors for our PCs, but it's totally possible to game on a big TV too. In fact, our pick for the best mid-range TV for gaming is an LG, albeit a much more pricey OLED model. 

The 60UH650V that's on sale for £799 has all the good stuff that makes a 4K TV worth buying though. A high pixel count, low resolution upscaling, and high dynamic range (HDR) providing better brightness and colors. It's a Smart TV too, with Wi-Fi enabled allowing you to stream online content on demand. As for the ports, it has three HDMI and two USB.

£799 is even cheaper than this TV was seen for on Black Friday a couple of months ago, and you're saving upwards of £200 on what it normally goes for. 

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