4X survival RPG Thea: The Awakening adds co-op

Thea: The Awakening takes a dash of 4X, a pinch of RPG, and a soupcon of survival, then serves the resultant blend with a healthy serving of card-based combat. It certainly sounds interesting, which might be the best thing to be, and the Steam reviews are "very positive" with how the game turned out.

Maybe a new update will edge that approval rating further into the green. It adds co-op to the 4X, survival...OK, we've covered that already, meaning of course that you can now brave Thea's Slavic mythology-inspired world with a friend. Or, well, an enemy. Or someone you've no strong feelings towards one way the other. To do any of those things you'll need to grab this free DLC.

The announcement post offers a detailed overview of what the DLC brings to the table, while revealing the fixes and other additions brought on by a new game update, released simultaneously.

If you don't yet own Thea, it's currently 40% off in the Steam Summer sale. Here's the launch trailer from last year:

Tom Sykes

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