10 minutes, 235 indie games

Spelunky. That's an indie game.

We've got five mans at E3 right now, each of them blogging furiously about the latest and greatest in flashy, triple-A, mainstream, $50 million games. I imagine they're all also going to poolside parties, high-fiving each other in a constant slow-motion music video set to a song by Wham!. "Oh look, it's someone smart and famous! Let's go have adventures," one of them will say. "I will tweet about this in real-time," the others will respond in unison.

I am not at E3. I am sat at my desk. I had a £3 meal deal from Boots for lunch. But I also watched this fantastic video from Pixel Prospector , which crams clips of 235 free indie games into 10 minutes of chiptuned video. It's the best argument for why PC games are fantastic you'll see all day. Who needs E3? Eh? Yeah! Yeah.

Watch the video below, and let us know how many you reckon you've played already in the comments.

[via RPS ]