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Tom Sykes

This week is all about creation, destruction, poking around in nightmares and taking on terrifying monsters of the sea. Build a world of blocks (then smash it up) in the beautiful Bokida, hunt the great sea-land-whale in the tense From Hell's Heart, and make use of your dead, blocky body in the clever Transcube. That and more gratis goodness awaits in The Best Free Games of the Week. Enjoy!

Bokida by Rice Cooker Republic

Download it here

Bokida is a seriously smart, minimalist building game that gives you the tools to create structures out of simple coloured blocks. That's fun enough in and of itself, but it's not the smart part – you can also slice your structures up, and blow them into smithereens with powerful blasts of air. It's essentially Lego meets Jenga meets a high-powered laser, and before you hop to eBay to make that dream a reality: think of your poor living room. The team at Rice Cooker Republic aim to build on this prototype in the coming months, but you can see what's already included in the following, rather lovely trailer.

Bad Dream: Graveyard by Desert Fox Software

Download it here

It feels like only three weeks since I suggested y'all check out Desert Fox's creepy, minimalist horror Bad Dream: Butcher, which is weird because it's actually been a fortnight . Its next chapter, Graveyard, doesn't shake up the formula massively, but it does replace butchery with, er, graveyardery, removing the first game's neat digit-removal mechanic in the process. Another playful, beautifully illustrated, wordless adventure remains, and one where progress seems a little more intuitive than before.

Winnose by Todd Luke, Calum Bowen

Play it online here

A slick dimension-hopping puzzle game that puts you in the role of a sort of statuey thing with a great honking nose. Something called the Winnowing has torn your world asunder, and to make progress you'll need to switch between dimensions at the appropriate time: certain enemies are either activated or temporarily frozen depending on which one you happen to be in. Unsurprisingly smart and lovely stuff, with great art by (24 Killers developer) Todd Luke, and another typically bouncy soundtrack from Calum Bowen.

From Hell's Heart by One More Turn Games

Download it here

Assassin's Creed 4's harpooning minigame was a bit simplistic and danger-free for my tastes, so I'm very glad I stumbled upon (via Indie Statik ) the tense, lightly terrifying From Hell's Heart. The game puts you on a small sailboat in the ocean with a bunch of weapons and a diary at your disposal – oh and with a great seabeast roaming the open waves. I found this beta version a little glitchy, but the thrill of hunting – and being hunted by – a giant creature felt all too real, in no small part thanks to the stomach-churning waves and appropriately dramatic soundtrack.

Transcube by Jeroen Verfallie

Play it online here

I haven't seen so many cool things being done with a cube since the underrated Canadian horror 'Cube' (and it's adequately rated sequel Hypercube). Jeroen Verfallie's Transcube is a puzzle-platformer with slightly buggy moving platforms but hugely lovely everything else. The hook is that your blocky hero can transform into a variety of stationary or movable cubes to aid navigation, this act returning you to the last checkpoint but leaving a copy of your dead self behind. Like a lot of puzzle games it is a little slow going in the beginning, but it won't be too long before you're scratching your blocky bonce as you try to reach the exit gate of each stage. (Via IndieGames )

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