WiFi Alliance updates wireless display spec

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Hands up if you've ever bought a DisplayPort connector? Thought not, because while the monitor adaptor of tomorrow (still) is clearly a very elegantly designed piece of kit, everyone knows the future of everything is wireless.

Hence a bit of excitement about today's announcement from industry steering group WiFi Alliance. It's launched a new standard, known as Miracast, which should theoretically make it simple to get moving pictures from one PC, laptop or phone to any screen on your house using nothing but the power of 802.11x.

Did you know that you can wirelessly stream PC games to your television? Here's how it works

Adam Oxford at

Can you connect a PC to your TV without wires? There's enough interesting display technologies around now that stream video directly from a graphics card onto a TV screen over the air, and when Alienware's new M18x appeared in the office armed with the latest version of Intel's Wireless Display technology (WiDi), we had to give it a go.