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Interview: The Secret World’s Bylos and Bruusgaard, Pt 2

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Want to know everything ever about Funcom's conspiracy loving MMO, The Secret World? Because - between our preview and the first part of this interview - I feel like we may be ruining the whole "secret" part. Then again, when you're deciding where your precious, precious subscription money is gonna go, I feel like secrets are a bit overrated. So then, continue into the southern reaches of this post for lead content designer Joel Bylos and lead designer Martin Bruusgaard's thoughts on the viability of leveling solely through investigation missions, endgame content, what they learned from Age of Conan, and tons more.

Interview: The Secret World's Bylos and Bruusgaard, Pt 1

Nathan Grayson at

We've got a giant blowout of Funcom's excellent-looking MMO The Secret World (with exclusive first looks at special missions, dungeons, and PVP) headed your way in an upcoming issue of PC Gamer, but magazines are made of paper. Fickle, fickle paper. Sadly, there are only so many trees in the world, and apparently "but it's for a really great videogame article" isn't an acceptable excuse for widespread deforestation.

However, I spent upwards of an hour quizzing lead content designer Joel Bylos and lead designer Martin Bruusgaard over nearly everything imaginable, and I figured you fine folks might be just a teensy bit interested. So, after the break, you'll find many of the best bits - including balance concerns, how the game's like Lost, lamentations about the lack of difficulty in MMOs, and more - broken up into handy categories.