Play Rift for free up to level 20

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Picture walking into the grocery store and taking a bite out of every delicious doughnut before choosing which is best for you. That freedom is the idea behind Trion World's new Rift-Lite: a free version of Rift with no time limits. Rift-Lite will unlock access to each faction's first few zones including Freemarch and Silverwood, giving anyone a taste of Rifty goodness before purchase. This isn't the first time we have seen an MMO offer it's first twenty levels for free. Last year, behemoth MMO World of Warcraft unlocked the early part of the game for players to explore and experience before committing to a subscription.

Rift kicks off six week holiday celebration, Fae Yule

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The holidays are a perfect time for family, food, and ignoring both while you experience the exciting events in your favorite MMOs. For Telarans, Rift is launching their six week event, Fae Yule, today. As an Ascended, you will have to fight off Crucia, the Dragon of Air, as she tries to enslave the Fae and bring an end all the festivities. Dragons are cool, but no one messes with Telaran holiday cheer!