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World of Tanks celebrates second birthday, provides presents for players

Phil Savage at

World of Tanks is celebrating its two-year anniversary in North America and Europe, and Wargaming.net are saying tanks for the support (I'm so, so sorry) with a celebration of all things big, metal and shooty. From today through to the 16th April, they're offering a selection of bonuses and discounts for their millions of tank commanders. You don't even have craft a papier-mâché Panzer party hat to join in.

World of Tanks announce Chinese warmachines - tech tree and trailer within

Marsh Davies at

World of Tanks has got a lot of tanks. But has it got enough?! Not yet, say Wargaming.net, announcing the forthcoming introduction of yet more mechanical monsters, this time based on designs and prototypes developed by the Chinese. Hit the jump for loads of screens from the incoming update, a tech tree and a trailer, too.

World of Tanks: Heavy Tanks trailer

Jaz McDougall at

Remember the medium tanks in World of Tanks? Those were pretty big tanks. They had great big guns and everything. These tanks are way bigger than those tanks. These are heavy tanks (well, heavier tanks). Here is some tank porn to prove it: