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Hawken scoops $10 million in funding from League of Legends backers

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The promising multiplayer arena mech shooter, Hawken has just received quite a windfall in the form of $10 million of funding from Meteor Entertainment, a pretty massive investment for a debut game of a small studio. VentureBeat indicate that Meteor is backed by Benchmark Capital and FirstMark Capital, the same investors that funded Riot Games' League of Legends.

LoL boasts one of the smartest free-to-play systems in the industry at the moment and Hawken devs, Adhesive Games, have already said that the mech shooter will get by on micro transactions that will "allow greater customization and more weapon variety." Venture Beat are hoping that Hawken can capture massive audiences in the same way as League of Legends, despite the difference in genre.

Portal 2 DLC out Wednesday, adds new co-op missions, challenge mode and leaderboards

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Wednesday October 5. That will be the day in which the Portal 2 Peer Review DLC will be released. The free mission pack will extend Atlas and Peabody's co-op adventure and add a new challenge mode for single player and co-op maps.

Back when Valve announced first DLC pack, they also mentioned leaderboards so all your friends and a bunch of strangers will all know how exactly how smart you are (or aren't), which explains the 'Peer Review' handle. That means your performance will be graded by both Glados AND the conglomerate hivemind of the The Internet. NO PRESSURE.

In more 'free stuff from Valve' news, the third volume of the Portal 2 soundtrack, Songs to Test By, is available now on the Portal 2 site, featuring such classic hits as Some Assembly Required, Your Precious Moon and Robots FTW.