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Hitman Absolution Sniper Challenge pre-order bonus outed by US magazine

Chris Thursten at

Sharp-eyed Game Informer readers have spotted an advert in the latest issue that seems to lift the lid on Hitman Absolution's pre-order DLC. The Sniper Challenge pack is exclusive to GameStop in the US and provides an exclusive rifle and 'replayable sniping mission' which hooks in to a wider competition.

As reported by VG247, Square Enix promise 'awesome prize packages for top snipers', but haven't announced what they are yet. A head-barcode tattoo of your very own, perhaps. IO are due to make an announcement on Thursday, so we may find out more then.

Batman: Arkham City pre-order skins look awesome

Lucas Sullivan at

Warner Bros. Interactive, you are one sly devil. Pre-order bonuses are usually nothing to make a fuss over, but these retailer exclusive skins for Batman: Arkham City are a cut above. At the moment, they're only confirmed for a UK release, but to miss out on these nostalgic get-ups would be a travesty. Check out which costume is which and where you can get them, then dig up all your old Batman action figures for reference.