Hack computer systems with sound waves in indie platformer Orbit

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At first glance, Orbit doesn’t seem to have a hook. The game, made by a three-person team based out of Cambridge, England, features a boiled-down pixel aesthetic and squat, jumping character. In the long line of platformers that share DNA with Mario and Luigi, this is so far pretty unremarkable. Don’t dismiss Orbit just yet, though—plug in your headphones, watch the video below, and pay attention.

Rain World celebrates successful Kickstarter, Greenlight campaigns with new alpha footage

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Well that was fast. Rain World, the stealth platformer featuring the most adorable slugcat I’ve ever seen, has been fully funded on Kickstarter after only a couple of days. The team has set new goals, but not before celebrating its funding and successful Greenlighting with a new batch of alpha gameplay footage.

Indie 3DS platformer SteamWorld Dig is coming to PC, arrives December 5

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If you’re not plugged into the wider world of non-PC gaming, you might have completely missed the release and positive reception for the Nintendo 3DS title SteamWorld Dig. It looks a bit like a steampunk, Wild West Spelunky, with randomly generated levels and blocky, destructible terrain. It's also got a new trailer that shows off the game’s locations and self-aware humor.