Microsoft release PC drivers for the Xbox One controller

Phil Savage at

The Xbox 360 pad has long since been adopted by the PC. It's there for us whenever we need to pummel our opponents in a two-player fighting game, or when we buy a shoddily ported third-person action game in some Steam sale. Or when we load up Watch Dogs, briefly forget its keyboard-based driving controls are an atrocity, and mistakenly attempt to use them. It's become an essential peripheral.

Can the Xbox One pad be clutched as warmly to our Windows-based bosoms? Microsoft are hoping it can. They've just released the official PC drivers needed to get it running.

Show Us Your Rig: Kerbal Space Program's Felipe Falanghe

Cory Banks at

Squad's Felipe Falanghe is the creator and lead developer of Kerbal Space Program, and his work space feels a lot like a command module in a rocket soaring to Mun. When he's not busy developing one of PC gaming's most delightful simulators, he's using a gigantic array of peripherals to play games. Felipe was kind enough to take a few moments away from firing Kerbals into space to tell us about his setup.

Virtuix Omni, a "movement pad" input device, gets funded pretty much instantly

Katie Williams at

If the results of the just-barely-launched Kickstarter for the Virtuix Omni are any indication, we're all eager to begin running about in time with our in-game characters. The Omni positions itself as the latest addition to the virtual reality craze, having you moonwalk to stimulate movement of your on-screen avatar, adding to a level of immersion that "cannot be experienced sitting down."

As Real As It Gets: here's an exoskeleton suit for your gaming needs

Katie Williams at

The Oculus Rift may give us heart-stopping renders of truly believable environments, but aren't our other senses being underserved by the expensive peripherals industry? As Real As It Gets thinks so: their gently undulating bodysuit aims to let gamers feel the rumble of a passing vehicle, or the pummel of an assault rifle's bullet-spray into one's chest.

Introducing Stinky the Gaming Footboard--yes, playing with your feet is going to become a thing

Katie Williams at

Here's the silliest-named thing in gaming since the Wii—who on earth would be proud to say, "Oh, yeah, I'm going to play with my Stinky tonight?" Turns out some guys might know better than I, because they've just successfully crowdfunded a gaming peripheral by that name. The Stinky Footboard aims to join the keyboard and mouse in a competitive gaming trifecta, allowing you to almost-literally stomp all over your foes.

CTA launches US Army brand peripherals

Adam Oxford at

Branded peripherals rarely have much to offer over the cheaper versions of the same kit without a special logo, but when they come with official endorsement from a power as high as the US Army, surely they must be worth considering? That's what CTA Digital is hoping to convince us with its new range of gaming gear which comes decorated with the registered trade mark of the larger US fighting force.

What are your favourite PC gaming peripherals?

Adam Oxford at

The one thing we don't review enough of in the PC Gamer hardware pages is game controllers. A fair number of wheels and joysticks with nasty plastic cases and pseudo rumble reactions pass through The Labs, but very few of the old fashioned, real-world simulation kits which used to be a stalwart of PC gaming get strapped to the test bench these days.

Partly, this is because gaming tastes have changed and the sims that require this gear aren't as popular as they were – it's been five years since the last Flight Sim, for example. Partly it's because there just aren't as many industrial strength peripherals around any more, and what there is can be very niche and usable only by the kind of sim fans who already have a real helicopter pilot's licence.

Win a SteelSeries Shift keyboard (US only)

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Tired of games that won't let you remap the controls however you like? The sleek and sexy Shift Gaming Keyboard from SteelSeries will solve all your problems, including problems you didn't know you had. Every single key is completely programmable, letting you fool your games into thinking you're pushing M when you're really pushing Q, and turn the Windows key from a game-minimizing nuisance into the button you push when you want to break someone's face with your fist (in the game). It's also backward-compatible with the Z-board's removable keysets, so you can swap in (for example) a specialized World of Warcraft set when you're ready to play.

We've got 10 of these suckers to hand out to lucky readers, so read on to find out how to enter!