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Firefall review in progress, part one: arriving in New Eden

Phil Savage at

Firefall, the free-to-play MMO shooter, is now available. As per PC Gamer's reviews policy, MMOs aren't scored until our reviewer has spent time with the public release. Here, then, is a review-in-progress, charting Phil's initial impressions with the game.

Things get off to a bad start when, upon loading into the game, I recoil in horror at what my eyeballs are seeing. I'll cover Firefall's graphics later, but the tutorial map is perhaps the worst possible introduction to its aesthetic. The textures are blurry, the environments murky, and the characters flat and cartoonish. Compared to this year's other MMO releases, there's none of the vibrancy or charm of Wildstar, and none of the relatively higher-res textures of the otherwise visually bland (and oppressively foggy) TESO.

Firefall hits last closed beta milestone, prepares for launch with new teaser

Ian Birnbaum at

The long in-development free-to-play MMO shooter Firefall will hit its final closed beta milestone tomorrow with the introduction of a new story mode and new PvP content, a fictional eSport called “Jetball.” Developer Red 5 has also released a sneak peek of its upcoming live-action trailer for Firefall, which features some interesting hair and not much else... yet.

Defiance to get five DLC expansions this year

Katie Williams at

Alright, yes—our Defiance review rated the MMO shooter as middling, bringing nothing spectacularly new to the table. But hey, maybe that's something for the DLC to patch up? Trion's just revealed they've planned five installments of DLC for release in Defiance's first year of existence, and content aside, the planned payment scheme has got an interesting twist.

Firefall enters open beta in July

Phil Savage at

After an extended closed beta period, Red 5 will be inviting you to help squash bugs with the open beta of Firefall, the free-to-play MMO shooter, due to kick off July 9th. You'll even get to choose the method with which you dispatch these unwanted critters: be it fastidiously filed reports targeting development issues, or jetpacks and plasma weapons chewing through the in-game beasties. Personally I know which sounds more fun. I do love intense form-filling action.