MMO mouse

Logitech launches MMO mouse

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Logitech is to launch its first MMO mouse at the LANfest DreamHack next week, taking on rivals like Razer and Steelseries who've been cutting quite a niche for themselves with multibutton mice.

The G600 MMO Gaming Mouse boasts 20 – count 'em – buttons and a 'G-shift' key for binding two commands to one switch, it's available in which or black with 16million colour lighting behind the keycaps.

Steelseries releases new WoW mouse

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Peripheral manufacturer Steelseries has revisited its World of Warcraft licence again, with the third iteration of its MMO mouse. Similar in size, shape and button number to the 'Legendary' edition of last year, the new WoW controller is wireless and preprogrammed with no less than 130 game commands.

It's the perennial problem for most MMO and strategy games: so many shortcuts, and so few fingers to hit them with. While your keyboard hand struggles with rows of bound buttons, though, all your mouse hand is doing is tapping scrolling around and tapping on a couple of a hard to miss paddles. Time to put those lazy appendages to work.