Magic: The Gathering - Tactics

Magic: the Gathering - Tactics shuts down on March 28, 2014

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Everything comes to an end, they say: businesses, relationships, life, and, of course, videogames. Sony Online Entertainment's online game based on Magic: the Gathering is the latest to go down, as SOE will shut down Magic: the Gathering - Tactics early next year.

The Sunday Video Pwn

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Two new Duke Nukem trailers hit the web this week. One covers the history of one of PC gaming's most recognisable characters, but it's the above video that had me scratching my chin the most. Duke Nukem Forever is actually going to get released, which is great, but I cant help but feel that Gearbox are pushing just a little too hard. The above trailer is amusing, but I can't shake the awkward feeling of misogyny that seems to ooze from it. Is pixelated pornography a step too far, or is it just harmless fun? Debate in the comments.

Magic: The Gathering - Tactics developer vlog talks Planeswalkers

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Don't front: there's a good chance you've played Magic: The Gathering, be it in middle school or yesterday afternoon. And everyone who's ever pivoted a Magic card on their index finger and whispered "You take three damage, coward," has to wonder: how cool would it be if these creatures came to life and decked it out? Okay, well, at least I've wondered that before.

Today, Sony Online Entertainment's strategy game Magic: the Gathering - Tactics shows off its five iconic Planeswalkers, masters of their respective elements, in a vlog by SOE. "...Vlog?" We're using that as a word, now? It sounds like a more painful "flog."

Interview: planeswalking the walk in Magic: The Gathering - Tactics

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If you've ever played the Magic: The Gathering customizable card game, you've no doubt wondered what it would look like if the creatures you cast duked it out on the table in front of you. SOE's free-to-play Magic: The Gathering - Tactics, a turn-based strategy game based on the CCG universe, renders your summoned creatures in 3D, fighting in formation on a tactical grid. We got the chance to talk about the game with Mark Tuttle, executive producer at SOE Denver, about the launch. Read on and see what it took to turn the classic tabletop card game into a grid-based battle of wits.

Magic: The Gathering - Tactics exclusive video

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In Magic: The Gathering, the best blue players are manipulative and never show their hand. At PC Gamer, we're also manipulative, and if you won't show us your hand, we'll cut it off and post it on our website. Which is what we did with this exclusive Magic: The Gathering - Tactics video featuring some of the blue team's finest, such as Jace Beleren and a djinn with the kind of ponytail that makes real ponies reevaluate their existence as smaller and less useful horses. Poor ponies.