Lucas Pope

Papers, Please dev reveals next game: first-person mystery Return of the Obra Dinn

Tom Sykes at

Papers, Please developer Lucas Pope has announced his next project - and from the sounds of things, it's quite a departure from his award-winning checkpoint simulator. Return of the Obra Dinn is a "3D first-person mystery game set on an East Indiaman merchant ship in 1808", words which can be only responded to with seventeen exclamation marks. Here are mine: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There aren't too many details yet, but I've gathered the evidence, sleuthlike, from Pope's TIGSource post - you'll find it below.

Papers, Please review

Evan Lahti at

Elena Romanovska wants to enter the great nation of Arstotzka. My country.

All of her dates look good: DOB, passport expiration, entrance deadline. Her verbal explanation for entering matches what’s on the work permit, which definitely wasn’t forged. I flip through my guidebook to verify the passport’s issuing city—check. Her listed weight mirrors what I see on my scale, so she probably isn’t a smuggler. Everything’s in order. I knock the green “APPROVED” stamp over the top page of her passport, push her documents back through the slot, and my workspace clears.

Papers, Please opens its borders next week, bribes pre-orders now being taken

Phil Savage at

The isolationist state of Papers, Please will open to the general public next week on August 8th. Don't worry though - queues to access the immigration inspect-'em-up should be small, as the game's own digital gatekeeper is a highly efficient worker. At least, it is if you're prepared to grease its palm with $9.99, or your local equivalent.