Long Live The Queen

Greenlight approves 25 new games, including Next Car Game and SuperHot

Phil Savage at

Bloody hell, SuperHot! You only added yourself to Steam Greenlight a few days ago, and already you've been approved. My guess is it cheated: stopping time in the moments between people voting. As a result, it and 24 other games have made it through PC gaming's X-Factor, and will be released on Steam in the coming months/years/millennia.

Now Playing: a paranoid battle-princess in Long Live the Queen

Christopher Livingston at

A maid carrying a towering pile of linens barrels down the stairs towards me. I leap deftly aside, avoiding a collision, then take a moment to revel in my success. It's a small success, to be sure. All I've done is avoiding getting bumped into by hurrying maid. It's still a success, however, and particularly notable because after playing several in-game weeks in Long Live The Queen, it's literally my only success.

As a teenage princess in this visual novel-style role-playing game, I need to survive for 40 weeks to reach my coronation. Each week, I choose two subjects to study, from social skills like composure, elegance, and court manners, to physical skills like swordplay and horseback riding, to intellectual skills like history, medicine, economics, and military strategy. My mood affects how well I learn these skills: for instance, if I'm angry, I get a bonus towards learning how to jam a sword between someone's ribs, but if I'm depressed, I won't be very good at learning how to appear elegant. At the end of each week, various events will test these skills. I might have to interact with visiting nobility, make a tough decision about the kingdom, or simply avoid a careless maid.

Or, someone might try to assassinate me.

Long Live the Queen review

Cara Ellison at

“Reader, I married the gross creepy dude to prevent a war.” This is probably how my crown princess’ diary would end. Also, she would say, “I am proficient at military strategy and swording people in the gut.”

This is a fantasy political intrigue spreadsheet where a number can kill your cursor; a sly and intriguing visual novel that weaves political narrative with stat skill-ups and assassination attempts. In other words, it’s Football Manager for people who prefer death-prone royalty to accident-ridden athletes.