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Wasteland 2 footage shows quests, combat and screaming goats

Phil Savage at

InXile have released more footage from the first of their two Kickstarter backed old-school RPG projects. Wasteland 2 is steadily approaching the revised October beta test date, and you can get a solid idea of the progress that's been made with this 20 minute demo of the Prison level. In it, you'll find turn-based combat, Ambiguous™ moral choices, and a goat with unnatural fondness for screaming.

Project Eternity update shows off new art and renders

Phil Savage at

In the first art update for Obsidian's isometric RPG, Project Eternity, Rob Nesler, the game's art director, has provided some new prototype renders and information about how the game's artists are fleshing out the world. The basic gist is that they've got a lot of work ahead of them.

Underrail - Arcanum meets Metro 2033 - is available to alpha-buy now

Tom Sykes at

Underrail is an isometric, post-apocalyptic roleplaying game inspired by Fallout, Arcanum and even System Shock 2, which is almost the perfect sentence until you add the part that it's set in a series of underground train tunnels, which pretty much makes it Metro 2033: the isometric RPG. Now it's the perfect sentence, and - to my tastes - probably the most enticing game summary I've come across lately, so I'm just going to let that sink in while I download the alpha demo of the game.