1C publishing director slams brick and mortar retailers

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1C Company's Darryl Still has been speaking to CVG about the state of digital distribution. He describes the dichotomy between retailer's in-store stock levels, and customer's demand for products as "quite shocking."

According to the publishing director, the recent growth in digital distribution was inevitable: "I think of it as less a revolution, more a filling of a void. A new government coming in to a territory that has been pretty much ungoverned for the previous few years."

IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover review

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When Joseph ‘Mutt’ Summers landed after test-flying the prototype Spitfire for the first time, he was so impressed he told Supermarine’s engineers “Don’t touch anything.” After test-flying this long-awaited follow-up to flight sim legend IL-2, my message to 1C’s engineers would be a little lengthier:

“Don’t touch anything except the painfully primitive campaign, the embarrassingly inept training mode, the clumsy GUI design, the dodgy comms, the bugged AI, the inadequate documentation, and the ill-optimised graphics engine.”

Il-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover interview. We talk to Oleg Maddox and Ilya Shevchenko.

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Gamers of Kent, if you go outside today and cup an ear in the direction of France, you should be able to make out a distant drone. That drone is the sound of 1000 Heinkels warming their Jumo engines. Finally, after six long years, the Battle of Britain-themed sequel to the amazing Il-2 Sturmovik is ready for take-off.

We're hoping to grab a quick Cliffs of Dover test-flight before the March 25 release date, but in the meantime we've been talking to 1C's hangar supremos Oleg Maddox and Ilya Shevchenko about the sim. Cross the HTML Channel below and you'll find information on everything from flight and damage modelling, to radar simulation and romantic sub-plots. There's a gorgeous new trailer too.