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Minecraft 1.4 delayed for "issue causing mobs to suffocate and fall through wooden floors"

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The Pretty Scary update for Minecraft has been pushed back a little bit because of some rebellious code that's triggering some strange behaviour among Minecraft's denizens. That's not strange in a WooOOooOOoo spooky sort of way, it's strange in a disturbingly broken sort of way. Mobs are suffocating to death in open air and then sinking through wooden floors to an unexpected grave and, more importantly, wet wolves look "way too scary."

The update will land this Thursday October 25 while these important fixes are applied. The pre-release, aimed primarily at modders and server admins, is available to download from the Mojang site now. Find the latest list of fixes below.

Dawnguard will give you a new dragon shout, a magical mount and "your own armoured troll"

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Todd Howard's been chatting to G4TV about many of the new features we can look forward to in Skyrim's upcoming expansion, Dawnguard. It'll give you the choice to become a vampire lord and side with vampire leader Harkan, or join the fight against unambiguous evil by siding with the Dawnguard. Howard dropped details on the perks and abilities we'll get to use on both sides, and talked a bit about some other extra stuff we can look forward to, including a magical mount that can be summoned from the plane of the dead, and your very own armoured troll.