Space Noir announcement trailer offers lots of space, not very much noir

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Space Noir is a really good name for a game, although possibly not for this game. I say this because, judging from NFusion's announcement trailer, it doesn't seem to be very 'noir'. It's got a lava world, for one thing. Supposedly merging the developer's previous games, Deus Ex: The Fall and the tablet-only Air Mail, the brooding aerial dogfighter is making its way to both PC and tablets.

World of Warplanes review

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A dogfighting multiplayer game focused on the aircraft of World War 2 and Korea never seemed like a natural fit for mouse and keyboard. World of Warplanes faced an almost insurmountable dilemma: if it was easy to control, it wouldn't feel like actual flying and dogfighting, and if it did feel authentic, then it would probably exclude most of its intended audience.

World of Warplanes trailer and screenshots take off ahead of open beta

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Transcontinental flights are a tricky thing, which may be why World of Warplanes' open beta launch is so spread out. If you're in Russia or North America,'s free-to-play multiplayer dogfighter is ready for take-off. You can hop on board right now, assuming the website's pre-flight maintenance has finished by the time you read this. For us in Europe, it's not due to land until July 4th. Until then, we'll have to make do with new screenshots and a launch trailer.