Resident Evil 5 'Gold Edition' released on Steam

One day, Games for Windows Live will be naught but a distant memory. For now, it's merely a semi-distant memory—an half-dead limpet being pried off its final few games. The latest? Resident Evil 5, which, in addition to switching to Steamworks, has also made its DLC available for non-GfWL users.

"If you already own regular RE5 through either Steam or a boxed retail Games For Windows Live," explains Capcom's news post, "you can acquire a free Steamworks copy and then purchase the new Gold Edition content."

The 'Gold Edition' content refers to all of the game's DLC: a versus mode, four new costumes, Mercenaries Reunion and two new story chapters.

The full 'Gold Edition' bundle is currently 30% off, at £16/$21. Resident Evil 5 on its own is 66% off, at £5/$7. Both offers run until March 30.


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