Minecraft continues to produce spectacular things: here's an in-game 3D printer

Phil Savage


It used to be that the creativity of the Minecraft community would regularly leave people speechless. It was all "Blimey! Look at that wall!", and "Wowzers! There's the USS Enterprise "", and even "Hot diggity! A working computer !" Now, we've become somewhat desensitised. Unless you've fully recreated a country - real or fictional - you'll barely raise an eyebrow. For your consideration, then: a working 3D printer has been created inside of the game.

Through 10 large chests, and a wool-dispensing control panel, the tool's creator is able to define different layers of his creation in a 6x9x10 area. It's another example of impressive technical mastery inside the game, and a testament to the flexibility of the game's sandbox. And to think, I barely progressed past the build a nice house phase.

Ta, Reddit .

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