Somebody built the Starship Enterprise in Minecraft

Starship Enterprise in Minecraft

The run of 'somebody builds something awesome in Minecraft' videos are just getting better and better. In the beginning of this video it looks as though Halnicholas has simply built a gigantic pit. I was already slightly impressed, but then he turns around to reveal the freaking Starship Enterprise in all its 1:1 scale glory. Read on for a video of this magnificent Minecraft creation.

Halnicholas started by burrowing as deep as he possibly could to make room for the starship, then he imported the plans for the Enterprise from another program. After that it was a matter of cleaning everything up. He painstakingly bu ilt towers of scaffolding to allow him to work on the outer shell.

As if the sight of the ship looming out of the mist wasn't awesome enough, all of the internal corridors have been modelled as well so Hal can actually wander around his creation. Hal plans to make the Enterprise available for other to download and work on themselves, so hopefully we'll be able to explore the ship for ourselves soon enough.

Tom Senior

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