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    Default Healing Guide to Cata Raids

    Because I've got a bit of time on my hands this afternoon, and because I expect dozens of people to be experiencing some of the tougher Cata raid encounters very soon, I thought a brief rundown of each fight from a purely HEALER point of view might be useful.

    Please note: I am only speaking from personal experience, I do not claim Yoda-like knowledge.

    Blackwing Descent

    Omnitron Defence Council
    Tank damage in this fight is constant and medium. Neither tank will need constant spamming, but they will need regular attention.
    Raid damage is pretty low, but increases significantly depending on which Golems are active.
    Raid damage is at its highest when Electron and Magmatron are both active, due to chain lightning and flame jets. Be sure to keep everyone on pretty high health, and the HoTs ticking.
    Whenerer Archanatron is active, be prepared for large damage spikes if his Arcane Annihalator is allowed to cast. Be sure to keep everyone above 90k to be safe.
    Try to make use of the Power Converters when active for mana regen.
    Difficulty: Easy

    Tank damage is constant and low, save for the hugh spikes when he eats your tank; be ready with cooldowns and fast heals.
    Raid damage is high; you'll want 2 dedicated raid healers, and they need to keep everyone above 80%. Whilst the damage may seem overwhelming at first, as your mana pool drains like a sieve, you'll get plenty of regen time during the impale phases, so concentrate on keeping everyone alive and moving when you need to.
    Difficulty: Medium

    Tank damage is constant and high. Offtank damage increases dramatically as more adds spawn; at 9 they'll need spamming and cooldowns.
    Raid damage is generally low. During blue phases be sure to quickly heal anyone ice tombed, but apart from arcane storm (which should only tick once) all the significant damage is on the tank. Use blue phases to regen. During red phases be sure to keep everyone above 80%, and pay special attention to anyone debuffed. Once the offtank has 9 adds they'll need loads of attention.
    During the final phase both tanks will need regular large heals, with as much as you can spare on the raid. Raid damage increases as the phase goes on.
    Difficulty: Hard

    Tank damage is very constant and medium.
    Raid damage comes in waves and is high. He regularly casts modulation which does large raid-wide damage, and you need to make sure everyone is healed up before his next modulation or searing flames. Searing Flames will often tick once, and can do around 60k damage per tick (even more if someone's been bad at Sound management).
    During the air phase no one should take significant damage.
    Difficulty: Medium

    Unlike any other fight. The job at hand is to a) keep the MT above 10k, b) keep the Double Strike tank on max HP, c) keep the rest of the raid JUST above 10k, d) heal everyone like mad during Feud.
    If you have a Holy Priest, they can solo all the raid healing bar Feud. A paladin can handle the acid spikes, but may need help after Massacre. Druids and Shamen are ill-suited to raid healing, apart from Feud when they excel.
    In the final phase, healing is impossible. This means you can be OOM at 20% without worrying, it also means in the last phase you're just a crap DPSer.
    Difficulty: Medium

    No idea, probably really hard.

    Bastion of Twilight

    Halfus Wyrmbreaker
    All depends on which drakes he has, but in general Tank damage is very high, especially if you release 2 drakes.
    If Nether Scion or Slate Dragon is up, tank damage is even higher.
    Raid damage is low, although having Whelps present gives the Behemoth a flame AoE which needs some attention.
    Difficulty: Medium

    Valiona & Theralion
    Tank Damage is regular and high.
    Raid damage is very predictable and high.
    Although both dragons put out significant damage, because it is predictable, it's not too bad. AoE spikes happen when blackout is dispelled, if people don't move from her fire breath, and when Theralion does his breath. Rolling HoTs on the raid handle the rest of it.
    Difficulty: Easy

    Twilight Ascendent Council
    Tank damage is regular and medium.
    Raid damage is medium and largely predictable. The difficulty in this fight comes from complex mechanics and movement and high DPS requirements. The only healing challenge is in P3, where the raid must be spread out and you just heal whoever you can reach for as much as you can afford. Try to conserve mana for the final phase. Also, like the rest of the raid the healers also have to run about constantly for buffs and debuffs, adding to your workload. That's why it gets a 'hard' rating.
    Difficulty: Hard

    Tank damage is constantly high, with even higher spikes during Flame mode.
    Raid damage is sporadic; his Shadow mode does a pulsing AoE, but apart from that there's no significant AoE in phase 1.
    Keeping both tanks alive and not standing in bad stuff is your main job. Like the rest of the raid, you'll have to help out with interrupting Worship, so be prepared with your stuns and stuff. When the large add is in, you'll need to heal both tanks for large amounts.
    The final phase is horrendous, and requires you to virtually spam every heal you have at the entire raid from about 20 seconds in.
    Difficulty: Very Hard

    Throne of the Four Winds

    Conclave of Wind
    Tank damage is regular and medium for Anshal, but gets quite high on Nezir.
    Raid damage is low on Anshal, medium on Rohash and high on Nezir.
    You'll have an assignment for this fight, and none of them are particularly difficult. If you're on Rohash, you're simply avoiding whirlwinds and keeping your DPSers topped up. If you're with a tank on Nezir's platform, keep you both nicely topped up and stay out of ice. Once you're with Anshal, the tank damage is easily manageable, but the adds hit quite hard on the DPS, so keep everyone's HP high.
    Difficulty: Easy

    Tank damage is regular and medium.
    Raid damage is VERY spiky and very high in p1, starts very low but increases predictably in p2, and is medium-low in p3.
    You'll be assigned a position in p1; try to stick to it, but be sure you can heal at least 4 other people. Keep everyone in range topped up, and crucially pay attention to the squalls and wind bursts; if you get carried off or knocked off, you may survive, but the healing loss will kill others. Phase 1 is really hard, but really short, so just do what you can to get through it.
    Phase 2 starts off with almost no raid damage, but towards the end it will be significantly higher. Depending on how well the leader/DPS cope with the Stormlings, you may simply run OOM if it takes too long; if the boss never got to 8 debuff stacks, it's not your fault.
    P3 is crazy and confusing and three-dimensional, but damage is mercifully low. It comes in spikes every time the lightning cloud goes off, but provided people move fast you have plenty of time to heal them up, so don't panic and try to make you mana last.
    Difficulty: Hard, but only because of p1

    I hope that helps some of my fellow medics. Enjoy!
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    good info Dari, some helpful info there for when we move onto the other bosses.
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