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    Old 06-05-2013, 03:02 PM
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    Default New team members

    Hi guys,

    I just wanted to offer a little help for a couple of the new guys.

    Heiro - If you are planning to raid with us full time then I'm happy to do some arena with you for a 496 weapon (if the staff doesn't drop off dino boss beforehand) as its a good upgrade for you. It shouldn't take to much time to get the required wins for you to buy it - maybe an hour or two,

    Also you can do the new quest chain to get the i502 boots, again its not a very long chain so would be worth doing it.

    Other than that everything looks good, just 2 items to enchant - your weapon and chest. If you haven't got an enchanter alt let me know and I'll do them for you.

    Aynaria - Your gear is fine, just a few gems needed - we have some in our GB so can help you out if you need.

    Also you need a bunch of enchants, again I can do these for you if you are planning to keep raiding with us and you don't have an Alt that can do them.

    I know Somni has helped you out with stat priorities, etc. and I just wanted to thank him and say you can still reforge out of some more Expertise. You need 7.5% so you should be able to increase your haste, etc. some more with a quick visit to the reforgererer.

    Everything else looks good to me (but I'm no expert on Pallys or Locks just spotted some quick fixes)

    I hope you both find this helpful, its great to have some new players and we'd like you enjoy raiding and progressing with us.

    /w me in game you you want anything and I'll do my best to help.



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