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    Old 10-13-2012, 11:14 PM
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    Default Lets get back to the carnage!

    Hi all,

    I've been doing a bit of investigation into how we can get back to the weekly roams, and try and draw a few more people into the Corp. And more importantly keep them entertained.

    I've been reading up on Red vs Blue, and something they do every week called "RvB Ganked". Details here:


    This is something that is open to everyone (you don't have to be a member of RvB) and you essentially just turn up and get into the action. Bring whatever you can afford to lose.

    Kiara and myself went along tonight to give it a go and report back. We had fun - for a short while :-)

    Getting a fleet invite was easy - just join the channel "RvB Ganked" and X-up when the invites go out. Tonight invites went out at 1930 Eve time.

    I signed in to the mumble server, found some lively chat and the obligatory conga line forming outside the staging station - this time at the only station in Agil. 27 jumps from Stac.

    When we moved off at 2010 we had 86 ships in the fleet. Not bad, and the most I've ever seen. We fleet warped 3 gates to hold on the Keberz gate, the gateway to null sec, then jumped in. I've never seen 80 odd ships in the same warp conduit - quite a sight.

    3 jumps in we came to a gate camp - sadly a well prepared AAA fleet, clearly they must have been expecting us. Not sure of the numbers, maybe 50 or so. They were well prepared and clearly well trained.

    The ensuing fight was quite a sight to behold, and quite honestly - hugely chaotic. Listening to the FCC calling primaries and secondaries, and trying to find them in the overview is a huge task in itself.

    I personally flew a Nemesis, because I like the idea of a stealth bomber. But in reality not the best choice. Cloaking was impossible with all the other ships around, and once the fight thinned and the dead and dieing either awoke in their clone vats or ran in their pods they made short work of me. I did get out in my pod though. My implants live to fight another day.

    I got off about 20 ish torps and 3 bombs, flew around for 10 mins or so in total. Managed to cloak up a couple of times and get back to the gate. I shot at 3 Nagas and watched them blow, then tried to get after the interceptors. My bombs tagged me a few kills too when the fighting thinned.

    Fantastic experience - and one they conduct every Saturday night. I think we got 27 kills in all.

    I'll be going again next Saturday, be great to take along a PCGE gang and show them how it's done!

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